Whole Pathology Solutions (WPS) A New Approach to Service, Compliance, and
Safety for Pathology

An Introduction to Whole Pathology Solutions


As a market leader in Pathology, Scimedico’s Mission is to make a difference in every laboratory we service by prioritizing a compliant, safe, functional, and hygienic work environment to support the quality of care provided to real patients.

Scimedico’s Whole Pathology Solution addresses the Pathology Lab setting as a complete clinical environment - all delivered on the Complilab.com Platform. Our Whole Pathology Solution (WPS) delivers scalable integrated services that take into account all facets of the Pathology environment. 

About Whole Pathology Solutions (WPS)

Scimedico WPS services cover the full spectrum of Pathology, including accessioning, grossing, histology, cytology, and the morgue as a single integrated environment Delivered on the Complilab platform, addresses service, compliance, safety, and asset management on the AI powered Complilab platform.  Scimedico WPS provides customer with an integrated service suite that includes: 

                                     Scimedico Whole Pathology Solutions

Scimedico WPS offers managers, biomed, and end users a comprehensive service offering that caters to the needs of modern Pathology labs. WPS ensures that Pathology professionals have the necessary resources to meet the demands of modern healthcare while preparing for the future.

White Paper: An Introduction to WPS from Scimedico

To learn more about Scimedico WPS, just download the free white paper, "An Introduction to Whole Pathology Solutions from Scimedico"

You can also download the introductory WPS Data Sheet here to learn more. 

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WPS Contracted Services Summary

› Preventive Maintenance

Specimen Storage, Grossing, Histology, Cytology, Morgue, and Necropsy

› Repair & Retrofitting

Garbage disposal, Elevation system, HVAC, Caste, Lift, Cooler door, Foot pedal, Filter, and lighting

Lab Monitoring

Combined Solutions, Formalin, Xyelene, Negative Pressure, Temperature, Fluids

› Testing/Filter Management

Standard Testing, Full Custody, Full Custody Observed

› Temporary Solutions

Temporary Lab, Temporary Morgue, Temporary Autopsy

› Project Support

Design, Specification, Procurement, Installation, Commissioning

Learn More About Complilab

All contracted Scimedico WPS customers are provided with Core Access License to the Complilab.com platform as part of the Scimedico WPS engagement.  The Complilab.com Platform allows end users, biomed, and lab management:

Complilab is a HIPPA compliant web-based platform that enables end-users, biomedical engineers, and lab managers to access and manage their laboratory equipment and services from anywhere, at any time, using a desktop or mobile device.

Overall, Core Access to Complilab.com is a valuable tool that helps Scimedico WPS customers manage their laboratory equipment and services more efficiently. Scimedico WPS represents a proactive approach to maintaining equipment, instruments, and other equipment to prevent breakdowns and ensure optimal clinical performance.

The goal of Scimedico WPS is to minimize the risk of equipment failure, reduce downtime and repair costs, and extend the lifespan of the equipment -- unified on the Complilab.com service platform.

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